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Electrical Equipment Installation & Servicing

New Construction


Iowa Valley Electric is committed to safety, quality, and customer service. 

We can provide professional designs and construct your entire electrical vision making your dream a reality.

Providing you with a detailed accurate estimate that works within your budget.

We work well with other contractors by being flexible in order to work efficiently to achieve our goals.

We take pride in our work and “Never Cut Corners' until your finish project reflects our high standards.



Iowa Valley Electric is dedicated in providing the highest craftsmanship in the trade. No matter the size of your upcoming project or projects, we are confident you will be satisfied for years too come.

On remodeling projects, we come across circumstances where previous electricians or handymen complete the job, not realizing they created an unsafe electrical condition for you and your property. 

We run into these issues quite often and being a qualified licensed electrician as myself, I have the experience and knowledge to fix any of the problems at hand.



Lighting designs with professional quality service. We offer and provide energy efficient lighting for your home or business needs.

Whether you need a small lighting job or larger scaled project that requires a more complex system that can be controlled remotely by configuring your system to send data from one computer to device that turn on or off light or fans, automatically or manually. Using the most common method and in compliance with requirement to use the internet for data transmission is known as Internet Protocol. 

This is new and exciting technology which use very low energy in virtual world, communicate with a device, when receive a command, transform data into real world application and used for many application. Even today, I'm motivated by technology and endless possibilites.

Motor & Control Logic


Design, calculate, and install the minimum electrical requirements written in the National Electrical Code for electric motors and controls. 

Knowing the minimums electrical requirements, our team will install proper conductor sizes, branch circuit protection, service equipment disconnection, motor starter or motor overload protection, or grounding conductor. 

Our team is experienced in multiple types of electrical motors, starters, and control wiring for all application including environmental conditions.  

By proper planning, utilizing, and incorporating our knowledge, our equipment will use less energy while producing less heat and extending the life of the motors electrical windings including bearings for years of trouble free service. 


Troubleshooting & Power Surge Protection Devices


We are second to none when it comes to troubleshooting AC/DC circuitry for your home or business electrical lighting and mechanical equipment.

We provide and install Power Surge Protective devices to the entire property which the device protects all appliances and electronics from power surges and brown outs. Many suppressors have low voltage protection (VPR) to ensure protection of the sensitive electronic devices including LCD TVs, Phones, Network Components, Servers, Desktop Computers, Tablets, and Laptops.

Surge protective devices offer a level of protection with a wide diversity of applications for multiple types of equipment and properties.

Electrical Inspection


Iowa Valley Electric will perform in depth and thorough inspection of your property's electrical system. Insuring integrity of the system being correctly wired and functioning properly in the event there is an overloaded circuit or faulty current to the ground. 

We also offer electrical code violation rectification service.

I have devoted my life and my career of 40 years to learning electricity while applying the electrical code. Insuring the safety of you, your loved ones and your property.