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Here at Iowa Valley Electric, we're excited to introduce PayPal "Buy Now" button to our web site.

Using these features gives you the security and freedom you deserve. There is no need for us to take your personal financial information and the responsibility to addition, giving us more time to work more efficiently..

PayPal account is not required to use "Buy Now" button allows you the flexibility to choose your payment method, whether you're Visa, Master Card, Discovery or Bank Debit Card. PayPal financial credit card required to use their banking institution. 

To use "Buy Now", please follow instruction below:

1)  Click Buy Now


2) Page will open, Iowa Valley Electric's Purchase Details is shown.

3) In Description section, enter invoice number which can be found top right on detailed invoice I sent you via postal service or emailed.

4) Price per Item  section, enter the amount paying today.

5) Quantity section, enter 1.

6) Click Continue.  

7) Page opens with options to chose payment between: Credit/Debit Card or PayPal.

If you select PayPal, provide your email associated with PayPal. 

8) Click Next button, which links you to your PayPal account to complete transaction. 


If you chose to use Credit or Debit Card for payment, 

1) Select Pay with Debit or Credit Card, which is light grey area. 

By selecting, this will link you to PayPal Guest Check out and new page will open. 

2) Fill in the information required to complete transaction. 

Regardless of your payment method, once complete you will immediately receive and copy of transaction via email. for your records.

If your have any comments, question or difficulty, please contact us at     319-887-9473.   Thank you Sheri and David


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